Like most couples my husband and I have a lot in common but we also have our unique interests and hobbies. I think of it as a Venn diagram. Because- see below- I like lists.

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When he’s watching You Tube videos about overlanding and looking at Landcrusier forums (that I refer to as his car porn) I’d much rather be reading a book. I understand his vehicle obsessions as much as he understands the joy I get from a great novel. He doesn’t think reading is a pleasurable experience. Especially fiction. Blasphemy. And I’m one of those people whose only request from a car is to get me from point A to B.


Ophir Pass

We find our common ground in nature, music, Cardinals baseball and yummy brews.

Ophir Pass

So when my cruiser guy proposed we attend the 6th annual 100’s in the Hills, I was skeptical. Maybe he should go enjoy his side of the Venn diagram on his own for a weekend. Be amongst his kind and talk about bumpers and winches and whatever else Toyota Landcrusier enthusiasts talk about. Then he told me where it was.

Clear Lake

Silverton, Colorado, south of Telluride and Ouray, is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I’d attend a symposium on car interior cleanliness if it were in Silverton. He assured me it was a family friendly event so I was all in.

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Our first trip to Silverton, L was only two and we camped at South Mineral Campground and it will live in infamy as our best camping trip ever. The views here are off the chart and you don’t have to hike six miles up a mountain to see them. The San Juans are crawling with old mining roads that take you over mountain passes with epic views. Views that are scarce when hiking with kids.


Trail to Clear Lake

It’s different than many northern and central Colorado mountain destinations as its old mining routes attract the off road crowd. I did not know what a ‘side by side’ was before visiting the area. Some might feel vehicles in our national forests is a negative, but many users are just as passionate about trail stewardship as those on foot. Unfortunately just like hikers there are those who fail to follow trail etiquette on wheels too.

Last year we attended the 100’s in the Hills event and each morning we lined up at the Silverton gas station and went on various runs featuring different but equally breathtaking vistas. At times practically hanging out the truck window to get photos that I know will never truly do the scenery justice.

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We called these excursions “truck hikes” and overall the kids did amazing. Especially considering it was over an 8 hour drive just to get there. “Hi kids! Yeah, I know, that was a looong ride! Now let’s get back in the car and spend another 8 hours crawling up a mountain!” 100 Series Landcruiser owners attend the annual event coming from all over the country to share in the comradery, learn from experts and win gear. Those kids who came out from the east coast are even more amazing. Although like anything, if it’s something you enjoy you make it work. You start them young. You bring lots of treats and iPads. So if tooling around the country searching for dirt roads with gorgeous views and stream crossings surrounded by wildflowers is your thing, you make it part of life.

So now that we know our family can handle it, we are going back this year. Stay tuned for more posts on the Silverton area in the coming months.

If you want to find out more about the 100’s in the Hills event visit their website:

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