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Pawnee National Grasslands: It’s a Butte, Clark!

Our exploration of the Colorado eastern plains had been limited to the views afforded from I-70 on trips back to Illinois. Our outdoor adventures had always taken us west toward the Rocky Mountains, but last March we headed east for an impromptu visit to the Pawnee National Grasslands. Continue reading “Pawnee National Grasslands: It’s a Butte, Clark!”

Gateway Natural Area

Instead of driving by, we stopped. You know the places, the ones you drive by and think, “we really should check that out some day” and then somehow 10 years go by. This fall we finally made a place we’ve passed a million times our destination. Continue reading “Gateway Natural Area”

The Pumpkin Patch at Bartels Farm

Sharing love for all things fall with my own kiddos was something I definitely looked forward to as a mama. Pumpkins and babies just go together. Like peanut butter and chocolate.

Continue reading “The Pumpkin Patch at Bartels Farm”

Around Town: Lee Martinez Park and Salyer Natural Area

A Saturday in Fort Collins quickly becomes something special when you visit the farm, playground, and river- all in an afternoon- and all in a single pocket of town. Continue reading “Around Town: Lee Martinez Park and Salyer Natural Area”

Arthur’s Rock Trail: You Win Some, You Lose Some

When hiking with kids, it’s guaranteed, you’re going to win some, and lose some. On Sunday, we lost. But graciously, I hope. Continue reading “Arthur’s Rock Trail: You Win Some, You Lose Some”

Taking the High Roads: Fall Color in Rocky Mountain National Park

It’s not too late. After a drive this past weekend in Rocky Mountain National Park I’d say we were one week early for peak leaf peeping. Many spots in the park including one of my favorite aspen groves in Horseshoe Park are still green but a trip up Old Fall River Road provided plenty of gold patches along mountainsides. Continue reading “Taking the High Roads: Fall Color in Rocky Mountain National Park”

Starry Nights and a Relaxing Day at Steamboat Lake State Park Campground and Recreation Area

Sometimes the stars align. Literally. Sitting around the fire while the kids slept soundly, we were able to enjoy some adult time with good friends while catching glimpses of the Perseids meteor shower overhead. It just doesn’t get much better- great conversation and shooting stars. Continue reading “Starry Nights and a Relaxing Day at Steamboat Lake State Park Campground and Recreation Area”

Mountain Park: The Perfect “Starter” Campground

Camping: to live temporarily in a camp or outdoors. This is a broad term and means many things to many people. And these people usually feel strongly about their preference in their respective camps. Camps: Groups engaged in promoting or defending a theory, doctrine, position, or person.

There are backpakers, car campers, overlanders, glampers, dispersed site campers and campground campers. And then there are those family adventurers who sell all their personal belongings and travel the world in a van. So when someone asks me, “Where should my family go camping?” I have a lot questions.

Continue reading “Mountain Park: The Perfect “Starter” Campground”

Chambers Lake Campground: A Biased Review

The moment you turn off highway 14 into Chambers Lake Campground, you immediately feel a world away. As you pass the day use area and drive around a finger of the lake you notice the temperature dips a couple degrees from the road and you feel the stillness that accompanies mountain thin air. The only noise is the crackle of dozens of campfires and the muffled voices of happy campers.

I love the roar of the river but I also love the quiet of a mountain lake. Continue reading “Chambers Lake Campground: A Biased Review”

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