After baby number two, there was a moment when I wondered if our “outdoor life” might be on a permanent hiatus. It was one thing with our first daughter, L, we pretty much took her everywhere. Out to eat, live music, hiking, camping, she was a pretty easy going baby and the only baby we knew.


When C was born four years later, a trip to Target seemed daunting let alone a weekend in the woods. There were just as many children as adults and one of them no longer fit in anything we could wear on our backs.

Luckily our love of outdoor adventures trumped our fears and we got out and camped that first year managing just fine as a foursome.


So when spring finally arrived with enough sunshine after work to sit outside or go on our evening neighborhood walks, our conversations quickly turned to what adventures awaited us in the summer of 2016.

Our commitment to filling our summer with mountain weekend excursions and day trips was all the push I needed to bring back my blog.


My first run of Toddlerado was a personal blog exploring Fort Collins, Colorado through the eyes of a new parent. After C was born, I took a break deciding there wasn’t room for it in my life, but it was never far from my mind. I continued to write always assuming I’d pick it back up at some point.

So, technically, this is Toddlerado 2.0 redesigned as a resource for Northern Colorado parents looking for inspiration to get outside and explore with kiddos in tow. From trails to campsites to whatever other adventures we find. Enjoy!