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Camping with Kids

Long Draw Road

My dad wanted a picture of a moose, so of course we took him down Long Draw Road. Mere minutes after turning off Highway 14 a young bull sauntered in front of our truck, posing briefly, before hoofing it up the other side, into the woods and out of sight. As always Long Draw Road delivered for our out-of-town guests.

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Red Feather Lakes: Dowdy Lake Campground

The toddling two year olds climbing in and out of a hammock, or a canoe or a bear-box more resembled playful cubs than human children. As cute and equally mischievous as can be. Reinforcing the known truth that nothing entertains kids more than other kids.

Lucky for us L made friends at daycare with kiddos whose families also love to camp and for the third year in a row we’ve gotten together for a weekend full of marshmallows, stories and lots of girl giggles.

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Roadtrip: Turquoise Lake near Leadville, CO

“I’ve been star-ing at the edge of the water, as long as I can remember…”

If you have a young girl you’re probably familiar with this lyric from Disney’s Moana. L sings it inside, outside, in the car and even on stage at her school’s talent show. But my favorite rendition may be on the rocky beach of Turquoise Lake. We haven’t made a family trip to the ocean yet, but we will eventually. In the meantime, we’ll visit the sandy shores of our mountain lakes, watch the waves roll in and listen to the girls sing How Far I’ll Go.  Continue reading “Roadtrip: Turquoise Lake near Leadville, CO”

Silverton, CO Part 1: So I Married a Cruiser Guy

Like most couples my husband and I have a lot in common but we also have our unique interests and hobbies. I think of it as a Venn diagram. Because- see below- I like lists. Continue reading “Silverton, CO Part 1: So I Married a Cruiser Guy”

Camping Recipe Test Kitchen: S’more Cones

For this “Valentines” edition of Camping Recipe Test Kitchen, I prepared S’more Cones. Because nothing says “I love you” like marshmallows and chocolate. Continue reading “Camping Recipe Test Kitchen: S’more Cones”

My Favorite Camping Disasters

This winter we’ve suffered multiple, untimely toddler illnesses. A trip to Steamboat Springs ended up three days holed up in a condo with a miserable two year old instead of winter family fun. A trip to Leadville got canceled altogether, due to yet another round of colds keeping us down. So unfortunately there will be no posts about these, however, it did make me nostalgic for misadventures of the past… Continue reading “My Favorite Camping Disasters”

Gift Ideas for Your Tiny Hikers and Campers

As the kids eagerly submit their Christmas lists and toy flyers with nearly every item on every page circled, they most likely did not include any hiking or camping gear. But Christmas is an excellent opportunity to outfit your tiny adventurers, sneaking in some useful gifts now, that will make a more enjoyable summer and offset costs when gearing up before the first trip of the season. Continue reading “Gift Ideas for Your Tiny Hikers and Campers”

Top 5 Things I Learned this Summer

It’s officially fall and we have another season of camping with kids under our belts. It was a fantastic summer and as always we made many “notes to self.” Here are my best hacks/tips we discovered this year. Continue reading “Top 5 Things I Learned this Summer”

Dispersed Site Car Camping: Top 3 Pros, Cons and Essentials

I think of dispersed car camping as the happy medium between campgrounds and the back country. And since I can’t fathom carrying the gear required to take kids camping on my back, this will be the most rustic experience we can manage- until we buy that alpaca.

There are more dusty roads in the Colorado wilderness than a two year old can shake a stick at. And along these roads are dispersed sites that are a great way to get off the beaten path without hiking in. But as wonderful as it is, there are some things to consider, especially when camping with kiddos.  Continue reading “Dispersed Site Car Camping: Top 3 Pros, Cons and Essentials”

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