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Roadtrip: Turquoise Lake near Leadville, CO

“I’ve been star-ing at the edge of the water, as long as I can remember…”

If you have a young girl you’re probably familiar with this lyric from Disney’s Moana. L sings it inside, outside, in the car and even on stage at her school’s talent show. But my favorite rendition may be on the rocky beach of Turquoise Lake. We haven’t made a family trip to the ocean yet, but we will eventually. In the meantime, we’ll visit the sandy shores of our mountain lakes, watch the waves roll in and listen to the girls sing How Far I’ll Go.  Continue reading “Roadtrip: Turquoise Lake near Leadville, CO”

Silverton, CO Part 1: So I Married a Cruiser Guy

Like most couples my husband and I have a lot in common but we also have our unique interests and hobbies. I think of it as a Venn diagram. Because- see below- I like lists. Continue reading “Silverton, CO Part 1: So I Married a Cruiser Guy”

Pawnee National Grasslands: It’s a Butte, Clark!

Our exploration of the Colorado eastern plains had been limited to the views afforded from I-70 on trips back to Illinois. Our outdoor adventures had always taken us west toward the Rocky Mountains, but last March we headed east for an impromptu visit to the Pawnee National Grasslands. Continue reading “Pawnee National Grasslands: It’s a Butte, Clark!”

Opt Outside: Black Friday in Rocky Mountain National Park

I’d be just as happy eating pie for breakfast and staying in my pajamas all day on Black Friday, but getting out and enjoying some fresh air is pretty awesome too. As long as I’m not near a shopping mall, I’m good. Continue reading “Opt Outside: Black Friday in Rocky Mountain National Park”

The Pumpkin Patch at Bartels Farm

Sharing love for all things fall with my own kiddos was something I definitely looked forward to as a mama. Pumpkins and babies just go together. Like peanut butter and chocolate.

Continue reading “The Pumpkin Patch at Bartels Farm”

Around Town: Lee Martinez Park and Salyer Natural Area

A Saturday in Fort Collins quickly becomes something special when you visit the farm, playground, and river- all in an afternoon- and all in a single pocket of town. Continue reading “Around Town: Lee Martinez Park and Salyer Natural Area”

It’s Still Hiking Weather: Fall Hike at Lower Dadd Gulch Trail

Some years it feels like Colorado goes straight from 90-degree temps to snow storms. But this year we’ve been fortunate with weeks full of 75-degree days with blue skies and light breezes- perfect for fall hikes. Continue reading “It’s Still Hiking Weather: Fall Hike at Lower Dadd Gulch Trail”

Celebrating our National Parks’ 100-Year Anniversary Part III: Yellowstone

We climbed out, and when the truck door shut, I realized this was the darkest dark I had ever been in. Funny, you think you know dark. But then there is the dark that you can’t see your hand inches in front of your face. This dark is heavy and accompanied by the creepy gurgle of a nearby geyser. And this is bear country. We turned on our flashlights and pointed in the direction of the geyser. Continue reading “Celebrating our National Parks’ 100-Year Anniversary Part III: Yellowstone”

Celebrating our National Parks’ 100 Year Anniversary Part II: RMNP’s West Horseshoe Park

Rocky Mountain National Park has been an amazing backdrop for the making of many Colorado memories. All the great visits with our Texas family who vacations in Estes Park weeks at a time each year who we would not see very often otherwise. Or the time (pre-kids)  after an “off season” snowshoe with visitors from back home, we discovered it’s darn near impossible to get dinner after 9pm in Estes Park. Forcing us to survive on beer and rationed granola bars…

It’s also the place one of my favorite family traditions was born. Continue reading “Celebrating our National Parks’ 100 Year Anniversary Part II: RMNP’s West Horseshoe Park”

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