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My Favorite Camping Disasters

This winter we’ve suffered multiple, untimely toddler illnesses. A trip to Steamboat Springs ended up three days holed up in a condo with a miserable two year old instead of winter family fun. A trip to Leadville got canceled altogether, due to yet another round of colds keeping us down. So unfortunately there will be no posts about these, however, it did make me nostalgic for misadventures of the past… Continue reading “My Favorite Camping Disasters”

Around Town: In Search of the Perfect Starter Hill

My grandma’s house in St. Louis had the best double hill. At family gatherings my brother, cousins and I scavenged the basement for cardboard and took turns sliding down.  Maybe we did it in the snow? But all my memories are of summer.*   Continue reading “Around Town: In Search of the Perfect Starter Hill”

Camping Recipe Test Kitchen: Energy Bites


Whether it’s hiking, exploring the area or just chasing after toddlers, it’s easy to work up an appetite while camping. So meals and snacks are a crucial part of the planning, prepping and packing for any trip.

And there’s nothing worse than preparing that recipe you found on Pinterest only to discover it’s a total flop while hungry campers look on.

So when stuck at home dreaming of future camping trips I try to test some of those recipes, hopefully avoiding any campsite disappointments.

Continue reading “Camping Recipe Test Kitchen: Energy Bites”

Gift Ideas for Your Tiny Hikers and Campers

As the kids eagerly submit their Christmas lists and toy flyers with nearly every item on every page circled, they most likely did not include any hiking or camping gear. But Christmas is an excellent opportunity to outfit your tiny adventurers, sneaking in some useful gifts now, that will make a more enjoyable summer and offset costs when gearing up before the first trip of the season. Continue reading “Gift Ideas for Your Tiny Hikers and Campers”

Opt Outside: Black Friday in Rocky Mountain National Park

I’d be just as happy eating pie for breakfast and staying in my pajamas all day on Black Friday, but getting out and enjoying some fresh air is pretty awesome too. As long as I’m not near a shopping mall, I’m good. Continue reading “Opt Outside: Black Friday in Rocky Mountain National Park”

5 Things I Thought about Atop a Mountain


The Sunday after the election we revisited Gateway Natural Area, soaking in some much needed sunshine and mountain air.

Continue reading “5 Things I Thought about Atop a Mountain”

Gateway Natural Area

Instead of driving by, we stopped. You know the places, the ones you drive by and think, “we really should check that out some day” and then somehow 10 years go by. This fall we finally made a place we’ve passed a million times our destination. Continue reading “Gateway Natural Area”

The Pumpkin Patch at Bartels Farm

Sharing love for all things fall with my own kiddos was something I definitely looked forward to as a mama. Pumpkins and babies just go together. Like peanut butter and chocolate.

Continue reading “The Pumpkin Patch at Bartels Farm”

Around Town: Lee Martinez Park and Salyer Natural Area

A Saturday in Fort Collins quickly becomes something special when you visit the farm, playground, and river- all in an afternoon- and all in a single pocket of town. Continue reading “Around Town: Lee Martinez Park and Salyer Natural Area”

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