My grandma’s house in St. Louis had the best double hill. At family gatherings my brother, cousins and I scavenged the basement for cardboard and took turns sliding down.  Maybe we did it in the snow? But all my memories are of summer.*  


Sure I’ve built snowmen and snow castles, made snow angels and participated in snowball fights. But no sledding. I asked my mom if this could be true.  She said she does have a memory of pulling me around on a saucer, but it’s fair to say I never went down a hill and traipsed back up a hill for another go.

img_0503Sledding with my kiddos has been on “the list” for a long time and lucky for us, Fort Collins has lots of hills. We bought a sled (just a standard plastic guy) earlier this year and this past Sunday the snow level, temperature and day of the week all aligned.

There are very popular sled hills in town such as the hill near the now “old” Hughes Stadium and in Pineridge Natural area. But with a six and two year old, we wanted to keep our first effort as easy as possible. Without a real plan we passed our neighborhood hill (the natural hill that results from water mitigation) and headed to our favorite park, Spring Canyon, off of Taft and Horsetooth.

Directly behind the toddler playground is the perfect starter hill. Not too big and not too much of a pain for our six year old to drag the sled back up to the top or too much for me to haul C and the sled after our trip down.

img_1380We were careful not to collide with the picnic tables, but quickly figured out we had plenty of time to slow down.

We took turns, L and then I went with C and so on. The girls had a blast.

screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-1-22-41-pmWhen C is a little older we’ll explore the more advanced hills in town and we’ll eventually make our way up to Beaver Meadows in Red Feather and experience one of Colorado’s many tubing operations that have contraptions taking you from the base to the top, eliminating the most grueling aspect of sledding or tubing but of course, for a price.

Until then we’ll stick to our nearby park or even check out the hills in our neighborhood.

Where are your favorite sled hills for toddlers?





*There was also a pizza box/sledding experience during a college trip to Lake of the Ozarks, taking turns sliding down a hill after an ice storm… Regardless, traditional sledding on something other than recycling hasn’t happened….