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Deadman Road: Dispersed Camping near Red Feather Lakes, CO

The sun is setting on the summer of 2016 and it’s possible we’ve already had our last camping trip of the season. (Unless we make it up in October. Weather permitting. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.)

But if our dispersed camping trip to the Red Feather Lakes area stands as the last, we can rest assured we squeezed every last drop out of this summer. We made good on our early spring plans to spend as much time outside as humanly possible with two small kiddos, full time jobs and limited vacation hours. Continue reading “Deadman Road: Dispersed Camping near Red Feather Lakes, CO”

Tent v. Popup: The Struggle is Real

When discussing camping with a new acquaintance, a detail that is often asked immediately is whether or not we sleep in a tent. Up until this summer that answer was “yeah, we’re tent campers” and this was followed by a congratulatory wink and a nod. I half expected to break out in a secret handshake. Continue reading “Tent v. Popup: The Struggle is Real”

Starry Nights and a Relaxing Day at Steamboat Lake State Park Campground and Recreation Area

Sometimes the stars align. Literally. Sitting around the fire while the kids slept soundly, we were able to enjoy some adult time with good friends while catching glimpses of the Perseids meteor shower overhead. It just doesn’t get much better- great conversation and shooting stars. Continue reading “Starry Nights and a Relaxing Day at Steamboat Lake State Park Campground and Recreation Area”

“Site Taken” – Campsite Reservations in the Poudre Canyon

Three years ago I joined the ranks of the Monday through Friday, 8-5 crowd.  I was giddy at the prospect of having summer weekends off- all the camping, all the hiking, all the family time. And it has been wonderful.

But there is a dark side…

Continue reading ““Site Taken” – Campsite Reservations in the Poudre Canyon”

Mountain Park: The Perfect “Starter” Campground

Camping: to live temporarily in a camp or outdoors. This is a broad term and means many things to many people. And these people usually feel strongly about their preference in their respective camps. Camps: Groups engaged in promoting or defending a theory, doctrine, position, or person.

There are backpakers, car campers, overlanders, glampers, dispersed site campers and campground campers. And then there are those family adventurers who sell all their personal belongings and travel the world in a van. So when someone asks me, “Where should my family go camping?” I have a lot questions.

Continue reading “Mountain Park: The Perfect “Starter” Campground”

Sleeping with the Mooses

I gripped my trekking pole tighter, the animal was definitely right outside the tent, snorting. Only a thin piece of nylon separated us from a giant beast. As I lay, heart racing, in our two-man tent, I decided a moose was definitely better than a bear or a mountain lion since it wouldn’t eat us. But it could definitely trample us to death still orphaning our two young girls at home… so I elbowed my sleeping husband, deciding fear of imminent death was better shared.

Continue reading “Sleeping with the Mooses”

Through a Child’s Eyes

When my 5 year old got bored at our campsite and asked to use my phone to take pictures, I hesitated, but handed over my iPhone. For someone who loves photography, I can’t help but get excited when my kid wants to take pictures too. Besides, I have an Otterbox. Continue reading “Through a Child’s Eyes”

Chambers Lake Campground: A Biased Review

The moment you turn off highway 14 into Chambers Lake Campground, you immediately feel a world away. As you pass the day use area and drive around a finger of the lake you notice the temperature dips a couple degrees from the road and you feel the stillness that accompanies mountain thin air. The only noise is the crackle of dozens of campfires and the muffled voices of happy campers.

I love the roar of the river but I also love the quiet of a mountain lake. Continue reading “Chambers Lake Campground: A Biased Review”

River Safety

Toddlers are like ninjas. One moment my daughter is fully clothed, the next both her pants and diaper are missing and she’s grinning up at me, dimpled bottom exposed. Or, one moment she’s at my knees, the next she is under the baby gate and halfway up the stairs- grinning down at me. So with these grinning, ninja like creatures so willfully testing their independence, the river can be a scary place when so much can happen in a second.

We love camping right on the river but with kids that means extra vigilance.

Continue reading “River Safety”

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