When my 5 year old got bored at our campsite and asked to use my phone to take pictures, I hesitated, but handed over my iPhone. For someone who loves photography, I can’t help but get excited when my kid wants to take pictures too. Besides, I have an Otterbox.

She ran around taking close ups of rocks and the sky and trees above her. Clicking away with a huge grin, then proudly showing us her shots. I wasn’t watching the time but I bet she was at it for over an hour.

IMG_5779I didn’t look at them right away. We were camping and when we got home we were unpacking and getting ready for the week ahead. It was a couple days later while on my lunch break that I finally had a chance to flip through them, ready to delete the majority.

Of course there were plenty of finger and blurry tree bark pics, but there were also beautiful shots I’d be proud to claim as my own.

FullSizeRender 102But as I swiped I realized, more than their artistic quality, these photos on my phone are a little window to her five year old mind. How she sees and interacts with the world around her. What strikes her as photo-worthy.

And I love this thought.IMG_5959

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