We scoured the brand new Tanglewood Natural Area in the search of trash. It took a couple hours, but we found a pair of socks, a glass jug, some plastic planters, a few pieces of paper and a partial garden hose. We also found a bathtub, but that wouldn’t quite fit in our bag.

img_6791I couldn’t believe how pristine the newly minted natural area located at Drake and Taft Hill Road was, minus the tub. Especially for being adjacent to  Spring Creek Trail, right in the middle of town. Struggling to fill a bag with trash- what an amazing problem to have.

L and I attended the Fort Collins Natural Area Volunteer Project Saturday in honor of National Public Lands Day. The main project was the removal of a wire fence to create a more natural feel and allow deer and other wildlife to pass through without getting stuck. We did the more kid-friendly activity of trash removal.


It was one of those perfect crisp fall mornings and the event was very well organized, run by an amazing and attentive staff. From the detailed map emailed the day before directing participants where to park, to the signage when we arrived to the tent stocked with drinks, snacks and swag, honestly, I felt a little spoiled. They even fed us lunch- sandwiches from Backcountry Provisions.

They were prepared for kids too. A whole table was set up with animal hats, masks and tails but of the approximately 50 volunteers, L was the only child so she got to have her pick. After careful consideration she chose the coyote costume and we got to work.


This was a great opportunity to introduce volunteerism and stewardship to young kiddos. Volunteering can be fun. Volunteering makes you feel good. Volunteering promotes a sense of community. Natural Area volunteer opportunities are available anytime, both single day and long term as well as a Adopt a Natural Area option if you have a group that would like to pitch in.

How have you involved your kids with volunteering?