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Sleeping with the Mooses

I gripped my trekking pole tighter, the animal was definitely right outside the tent, snorting. Only a thin piece of nylon separated us from a giant beast. As I lay, heart racing, in our two-man tent, I decided a moose was definitely better than a bear or a mountain lion since it wouldn’t eat us. But it could definitely trample us to death still orphaning our two young girls at home… so I elbowed my sleeping husband, deciding fear of imminent death was better shared.

Continue reading “Sleeping with the Mooses”

Trap Park Trail

Changing from hiking boots to river sandals with a kid carrier on the back isn’t the easiest task but with a shoulder to lean on it’s doable. And crossing the creek- and the cold feet that follow- are definitely worth it. We brought our Chacos so we wouldn’t have to go barefoot over the slippery rocks like we did last time. Once across the first creek crossing, the trail opens to a gorgeous meadow with breathtaking views of Iron and Flat Top Mountains. The Neota Wilderness is on either side with plenty of willows, or as L calls it, moose food. We did not see any moose this time but they are in abundance in this area so be on the lookout. Continue reading “Trap Park Trail”

The Making of a Hiking Journal

I am not crafty. I admire those who see an old piece of furniture and can remake it into something I then want to buy for too much money. Or scrapbookers who get the fancy sheets and the stickers and document their kids’ childhoods one theme at a time. I see stuff on Pinterest and think, “oooh that’s nice” but never think to do it myself. It’s good to know your limits. Continue reading “The Making of a Hiking Journal”

Blue Lake Trail

I am very familiar with the first two miles of this trail.

Last year the husband and I, without children, started Blue Lake Trail with our 30 pound packs strapped to our backs for our first ever backpacking adventure.

A half-mile in his 10-year-old hiking boot broke. We stopped and tried some makeshift surgery, but after a few steps further we turned around to go back to the Land Cruiser. Not wanting to ruin our much anticipated trip, he changed into his Chaco sandals and we set forth again but a quarter mile in it was decided 12 miles in his Chacos was not going to be possible.  Continue reading “Blue Lake Trail”

Day Hikes: 10 Must Have Items in Your Pack


The sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in the sky. You’ve parked the car, the trailhead is in sight and you look down at your very fair toddler and realize you’ve forgotten the sunscreen…

Don’t let this happen to you. Here is a list of what we pack for every hike, long or short, rain or shine. Continue reading “Day Hikes: 10 Must Have Items in Your Pack”

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