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Hiking with Kids

Horsetooth Falls Trail: Remembering Lucy

Lucy still had that puppy smell. Even at ten years old and even as she lay in the dimly lit room at the vetinary hospital. The room with the Kleenex box you hope to never visit.  Continue reading “Horsetooth Falls Trail: Remembering Lucy”

Red Mountain Open Space: A Favorite Spring Hiking Destination

She squatted close to the red ground surveying the rocks before selecting a smooth oval one. She carefully added it to the top of the cairn, looking back at us with a triumphant grin. L didn’t have to look far to see another one, leading us onward. Continue reading “Red Mountain Open Space: A Favorite Spring Hiking Destination”

Pawnee National Grasslands: It’s a Butte, Clark!

Our exploration of the Colorado eastern plains had been limited to the views afforded from I-70 on trips back to Illinois. Our outdoor adventures had always taken us west toward the Rocky Mountains, but last March we headed east for an impromptu visit to the Pawnee National Grasslands. Continue reading “Pawnee National Grasslands: It’s a Butte, Clark!”

5 Things I Thought about Atop a Mountain


The Sunday after the election we revisited Gateway Natural Area, soaking in some much needed sunshine and mountain air.

Continue reading “5 Things I Thought about Atop a Mountain”

Gateway Natural Area

Instead of driving by, we stopped. You know the places, the ones you drive by and think, “we really should check that out some day” and then somehow 10 years go by. This fall we finally made a place we’ve passed a million times our destination. Continue reading “Gateway Natural Area”

It’s Still Hiking Weather: Fall Hike at Lower Dadd Gulch Trail

Some years it feels like Colorado goes straight from 90-degree temps to snow storms. But this year we’ve been fortunate with weeks full of 75-degree days with blue skies and light breezes- perfect for fall hikes. Continue reading “It’s Still Hiking Weather: Fall Hike at Lower Dadd Gulch Trail”

Arthur’s Rock Trail: You Win Some, You Lose Some

When hiking with kids, it’s guaranteed, you’re going to win some, and lose some. On Sunday, we lost. But graciously, I hope. Continue reading “Arthur’s Rock Trail: You Win Some, You Lose Some”

Celebrating our National Parks’ 100 Year Anniversary Part 1: RMNP’s Alberta Falls Trail

We headed up Big Thompson Canyon to Rocky Mountain National Park, choosing Alberta Falls for L’s first real hike on her own and C’s first hike in the kid carrier. And as always, coming around that final bend out of the canyon, we are reminded of the grandeur that is Rocky Mountain National Park. As much as we love our Poudre Canyon, the majesty of RMNP is undeniable. Continue reading “Celebrating our National Parks’ 100 Year Anniversary Part 1: RMNP’s Alberta Falls Trail”

Blue Lake Trail

I am very familiar with the first two miles of this trail.

Last year the husband and I, without children, started Blue Lake Trail with our 30 pound packs strapped to our backs for our first ever backpacking adventure.

A half-mile in his 10-year-old hiking boot broke. We stopped and tried some makeshift surgery, but after a few steps further we turned around to go back to the Land Cruiser. Not wanting to ruin our much anticipated trip, he changed into his Chaco sandals and we set forth again but a quarter mile in it was decided 12 miles in his Chacos was not going to be possible.  Continue reading “Blue Lake Trail”

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