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Forsythe Canyon Trail: No Plan, No Problem

I’m a planner. I make lists. I’ve learned that if we don’t make a plan, our days off run the risk of slipping away. Besides, the planning and preparation is all part of the fun.

This past Memorial Day Weekend, I let go and let my husband do things his way- loose and list-less. And it all worked out, despite one minor little hiccup. Continue reading “Forsythe Canyon Trail: No Plan, No Problem”

Red Mountain Open Space: A Favorite Spring Hiking Destination

She squatted close to the red ground surveying the rocks before selecting a smooth oval one. She carefully added it to the top of the cairn, looking back at us with a triumphant grin. L didn’t have to look far to see another one, leading us onward. Continue reading “Red Mountain Open Space: A Favorite Spring Hiking Destination”

Opt Outside: Black Friday in Rocky Mountain National Park

I’d be just as happy eating pie for breakfast and staying in my pajamas all day on Black Friday, but getting out and enjoying some fresh air is pretty awesome too. As long as I’m not near a shopping mall, I’m good. Continue reading “Opt Outside: Black Friday in Rocky Mountain National Park”

5 Things I Thought about Atop a Mountain


The Sunday after the election we revisited Gateway Natural Area, soaking in some much needed sunshine and mountain air.

Continue reading “5 Things I Thought about Atop a Mountain”

The Pumpkin Patch at Bartels Farm

Sharing love for all things fall with my own kiddos was something I definitely looked forward to as a mama. Pumpkins and babies just go together. Like peanut butter and chocolate.

Continue reading “The Pumpkin Patch at Bartels Farm”

It’s Still Hiking Weather: Fall Hike at Lower Dadd Gulch Trail

Some years it feels like Colorado goes straight from 90-degree temps to snow storms. But this year we’ve been fortunate with weeks full of 75-degree days with blue skies and light breezes- perfect for fall hikes. Continue reading “It’s Still Hiking Weather: Fall Hike at Lower Dadd Gulch Trail”

Arthur’s Rock Trail: You Win Some, You Lose Some

When hiking with kids, it’s guaranteed, you’re going to win some, and lose some. On Sunday, we lost. But graciously, I hope. Continue reading “Arthur’s Rock Trail: You Win Some, You Lose Some”

Big South Trail

She hiked midway up the hill, did a spin and climbed on without missing a beat. I smiled, as I just happened to be taking video, getting my fancy hiker in action. We marched on a bit longer. Stopped for another quick snack and looked farther down the trail, looked at the time, looked back where we had come and, very anti-climatically, called the hike for the day.

Continue reading “Big South Trail”

Love the One You’re With- Big South Campground

When it comes to camping along the Cache La Poudre River, we believe the higher up the canyon the better. Heading where the air is cooler, the woods are thicker and the wildlife is bigger- to us- is worth the extra miles.

Unfortunately many of the established campgrounds in the Upper Poudre Canyon don’t open until late June due to snow- Chambers Lake, Tunnel and Grandview Campgrounds to name a few. There’s no way we’ll wait until July to start our camping season. Dispersed camping is always an option in the spring months but sometimes, especially with kids, you want a bathroom, a fire pit and a picnic table. Continue reading “Love the One You’re With- Big South Campground”

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